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Sew Woodsy: December 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Craft Projects in 2010

Each year as the year ends we see a lot of countdowns... best of's per-say. I figured it would be a great way to end they year by doing the Top 10 Craft Projects in 2010 on Sew Woodsy. I based this on our "all time" pageviews and that's how I choose our top ten! Hope you enjoy and can't wait to spend a new year with such amazing followers! 

This was one of our first post on the blog and it had 546 views within the past year! This was our first project accepted by Craft Gawker, too!

Later on in the month of August we posted about this awesome and inexpensive revamp. 548 views and it's still a fan favorite! 

As most of you quickly learned Halloween is the "Woodsy's" favorite holiday of the year! This simple goodwill find revamp was a huge hit with 628 pageviews!

A $20 Halloween bathroom make-over proves that you really can transform anything! 639 views later... and I'm sure a few more bathrooms a bit creepier in 2010! We also made the top 10 on The CSI Project!

Crown Molding can be a pain to instal but it makes a world of a difference in any room! When you paint it black and give your guest bathroom a mini makeover you are sure to turn heads! 712 heads to be exact! 

$5 worth of plates from the goodwill, black spray paint, and some Halloween silhouettes cut out via the cricut made this project a big success! 790 views in total! 

After finding a super awesome and easy to use pattern online I sewed up this awesome little owl. Little did I realize we would gain almost a thousand hits {915 to be exact}! This cute little Halloween Owl  was featured on the Creative Itch and was also accepted by Craft Gawker.

Ahhh, probably one of my most favorite projects of the year! The Mummy Head on a Platter. After not wanting to spend $70 on Grandin Road I decided to recreate my own for about $20! In my opinion it came out even better and I even saw a few other recreations on the web after I posted about mine! This mummy head made the cut on The CSI Project & was also accepted by Craft Gawker {1,317 pageviews}!

With such a low cost project this got a lot of buzz including a shout out from the infamous Craft Gawker to boot! 15 comments and 1,431 pageviews later I'm happy I did this simple and easy magazine revamp/storage solution for my new craft room! 

and the number 1 project in 2010 {according to pageviews}...

A simple idea that came to mind made such a big impact! Was featured on Craft Gossip! 42 comments and 2, 320 pageviews! I am still blown away by the notoriety  these easy to make magnets got! 

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Friday Features

Happy New Years Eve to all. This is my last Friday Features for 2010! I can't believe we are about to embark on another new decade! I hope everyone has a safe and fun evening and a healthy and happy new year {filled with lots of crafts, too}!  *If you were featured please make sure you grab a button and display it proudly! 

Growth Charts by Paisley Passions
Such a great idea and super easy to make! 

A Winter Hat by See Kate Sew
Such a cute hat and baby! Can't wait for Kate to post the tutorial! These would make fabulous gifts for friends up north! 

Yarn Letters from Pocket Full of Posies
This is such an awesome way to jazz up plain wooden letters! 

No Sew Scarves from Making the Moment Matter
Love this idea... why I haven't thought about this is besides me... I think I know what I'll be soon making! 

Hooded Towel Tutorial from Creative Mommas
Ahh love this idea! This too would make for some great gifts for friends who are having babies and/or a child's birthday gift! 


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's Up Wednesday's {Link Party} & Features

First off, I apologize for not posting last week! I wanted to take the time out and thank everyone for linking up last week (a holiday week to boot)! Here are a few of my favorites from last week. If we featured your project please make sure you grab a featured button and display it proudly! I promise to be a better blogger in 2011 and work on posting more frequently! We already have some great things planned for the new year and can't wait to share with everyone! Happy Holidays to all! 

Ornament Wreath from Calamity Anne's Adventures 
I just tried making an ornament tree... BIG FAIL! Not only does your wreath look awesome but I know how much time and effort that project had to take! You did a fabulous job! 

Anthropologie White Feather Christmas Tree Knockoff from The Single Nester
I bought feathers to make a tree of sorts like this... never got around to this... so I guess it will sit in the craft room until next Christmas (well I'll at least make it in November next year instead of attempting to make it the week before Christmas)!

Rosette Christmas Tree from Confessions of a Paper-Crafts Chick
This is awesome and so creative! Great Job!

A Little Reindeer from Sew Can Do
OMG! This is so adorable! 
Once again, Cheryl, hit it out of the park with her creativeness!

Christmas Cupcake Stand from Creative Mommas
LOVE THIS! The next time I have a party and need an inexpensive 3 tier stand I'm definitely going back to this tutorial! Great job!!!

Rules for the link party:

-Please make sure your following me (I'll follow you back as long as you leave me a comment telling me that your a new follower)!
-PLEASE display our party button either on your home page or on your post. 
-Make sure your link is to your specific post and not your main URL & add a short description.
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-No advertising please (that means etsy). 
-Entering into this party gives me the rights to blog about and feature your blog post. 

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tissue Paper Tree

We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! I wanted to post about this tree prior to Christmas, but we just got too busy! I saw these amazing tissue paper tree's earlier this month on Spunky Junk {go to there tutorial for more details} and I instantly knew I wanted to make at least one tissue paper tree. I actually wanted to make a variety of tree's but like most projects... time got the best of me! Remember, how I hosted my third craft lunch at work the other week? Well this was the project I started working on... little did I realize that I was taking on a gigantic project!

Here was what I started with... a ton of tissue paper squares. At the time I took the picture I wasn't sure which cone I would go with... of course me not realizing how large of an undertaking this was I went with the largest cone I had!

Here is the first row of tissue papers glued!

This was after an hour of folding/hot glueing... 

A close up of my hours worth of work! 

Me concentrating on the hot glueing/placing of the tissue paper. 

After 5 of the longest hours of my life my tree was finally complete! Yes, 5 hours. Most craft blogs won't tell you how tedious the project was! Needless, to say I finished this 2 days before Christmas and did not work on any other cone tree's!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Craft Lunch; Styrofoam Ornaments

Last week a few of the girls and I at the office decided to have another craft lunch. So far we've had two and they both were a big hit. We typically choose an easy project that doesn't require too many supplies and something that could be completed within an hour! We choose to make the infamous cone tree's scene here and here, but no one was able to find cones (except me).... so the two other girls who participated decided to make ornaments instead! {My cone tree post will be available soon!}

Kristi made a poinsettia ornament.
Krisit bought a few stems of poinsettia's and then cut them. She used hot glue to apply them and stuck the sharp end into the styrofoam ball. 
Here is a picture of her finished product minus the ribbon to hold the ornament.

Kristi also choose to make a second ornament.
She used glitter poms to make a bright and cheery decoration for her tree.

She used hot glue to apply all the glitter poms. 

Here is the almost finished product!

Sarah used scraps of fabric, cut them in squares and made a beautiful fabric ornament!
Sarah dabbed some hot glue on the styrofoam ball. 

She placed a square of fabric on the styrofoam ball and then with using a pair of scissors pushed the square of fabric into the styrofoam ball. 

Then she would fluff or move the brown fabric around before the glue dried. She repeated this until the entire ball was covered with the brown fabric. 

Here is her finished product!

Sarah also started a second ornament while at lunch.
She applied the remnant brown fabric scraps to a styrofoam ball and then hot glued wooden beads to make a pattern. 

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's Up Wednesday's {Link Party}

Ahhh with only 3 days until Christmas I am on a mad dash to get work done (so I can use up the rest of my vacation days), get Christmas presents wrapped, and complete the rest of my holiday decor crafts! I'm sure some of you can relate! I'm slacking this year. I'm not too much in the spirit--I think Halloween drained me! 

This is our 10th link party and response has been great! Please remember to only link up crafts--no food links please! I hate deleting, but I will if I need too (I've had to the past 2 weeks)! Keep up the great crafting and for those of you who celebrate Christmas have a very Merry Christmas! 

Rules for the link party:

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-Entering into this party gives me the rights to blog about and feature your blog post. 


Features from Last Week!

So sorry that it took this long to get to feature some of the amazing projects linked up last week! Life is beyond busy, and as we all know blogging for the most of us is not our first job (that pays the bills)! If you were featured please remember to grab the "featured" button and display it proudly! 

Tissue Christmas Trees from A Creative Momma
After making my own red tissue tree I know how long and pain staking this project is! Your tree's came out great!!! I'll be posting about mine soon!

Snowflake Gift Card Holders from Silly Precious Piggies
These are amazing and such a great idea! I wish I had more time or I would have totally made these for all my family members I sent gift cards too! This will be on my list of things to make for next year! 

Knock Off Ballard Letter Wreath from Making the Moment Matter:
This is awesome! great way to make a "knock off" look store bought!!! 

A little felt bird from Saraccino
Look at how cute this home-made ornament is! 

Gingerbread Dollhouse from Musings from Kim K
If I was a little girl I would have loved to have a Gingerbread dollhouse! Great transformation!!!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Vote for our Christmas Magnets!!!

A few week's ago I read on the Mod Podge Rocks blog that the Dollar Tree was hosting a Flair For Crafts Contest; a Christmas Challenge to be exact! Well voting opened today and I would love to have all the votes I can get! The main rules were "Create a holiday-themed decoration using materials totaling $20 or less". I decided to enter my Christmas Magnets since they are super easy to make and the main craft supply resides at the Dollar Tree--the glass stones! This project also comes out to be a little over a dollar as well! 

You can find my Christmas Magnets on Page 17! Click on my photo and underneath the picture it will say "vote"! It's that easy! Please make sure you go and vote! I'd love to win a $50 gift card to the Dollar Tree... I can only imagine all the crafts I could make with that gift card! Or even better... a vacation to Las Vegas!!! Either way I'm just excited to have entered and know that the competition is intense (have you scene all the amazing projects entered)? 

Spread the word if you love these magnets and get others to vote too! 


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's Up Wednesday's {Link Party}

Yeah! It's Wednesday, and it's my favorite time of the week... time to see all of the wonderful craft projects everyone has been working on! I'm especially excited about this Wednesday, since I'm hosting another "craft lunch" at work! *Blog post to come! 

Rules for the link party:

-Please make sure your following me (I'll follow you back as long as you leave me a comment telling me that your a new follower)!
-PLEASE display our party button either on your home page or on your post. 
-Make sure your link is to your specific post and not your main URL & add a short description.
-Please try to view and/or follow at least two other participants. 
-You can enter as many craft projects as you'd like. (No recipes--go to Katie's Cucina for that!)
-No advertising please (that means etsy). 
-Entering into this party gives me the rights to blog about and feature your blog post. 


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brazilian Cherry Wood Curling Iron Tip

On Sunday I instantly knew Mr. Woodsy was up to no good. He had a smirk on his face, and was being very secretive. I went out to the garage a few times and I kept asking him what he was doing and his reply was "don't worry about it"! I left the house unfazed to run errands and came home not even thinking about what he had been up to a few hours prior. As soon as I got home Mr. Woodsy helped unload all the bags from the truck--he even helped put grocery's away (that never happens)! Then after we were done putting everything away he told me to follow him--he had a surprise for me! So I followed him and thought to myself "oh-my what has he done now"? 
To my surprise I found a new wooden tip on my broken CHI curling iron!!! 

Mr. Woodsy broke the plastic tip off my curling iron back in the summer (although he will deny it and point the finger back at me)! In any event I had contacted Farouq Systems who makes the CHI products, and they informed me that they do not sell a replacement tip for there curling irons. I would ultimately have to go buy a new one! The only thing that was wrong with it was that the tip was broken off. A month went by and Mr. Woodsy thought he fixed it. Super glueing the tip back together! That lasted about three uses and then it broke off again--forcing me to use an oven mitt to curl my hair! 

A few months have since passed and I've learned to live without having my hair curled. I even came to the realization that I was going to have to get a new one! So, I put one on my Christmas list and was hoping if I was good that Santa would get me a new one! Well, Santa, aka Mr. Woodsy did even better than that--he fixed my perfectly fine curling iron by restoring it and giving me an amazing and one-of-a-kind Brazilian Cherry Wood curling iron tip! 

I'm still in awe by it, and can't stop staring at it! I also can't stop bragging about it; I'm so proud! He is so creative and talented! Basically he took a scrap piece of Brazilian Cherry wood and drilled a hole in it via the drill press then put it on his lathe and spun it to 1 inch in circumference. He had the half broken piece to somewhat use as his guide to the shape. Once he spun it to the correct size and shape he took a screw and drilled it into the curling iron (how the original red plastic piece was fastened). 

Here is a side view of the tip! 

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Features {on Friday}!

I am so happy to be able to actually feature a few of the amazing crafts that were linked up the past two days, and on Friday to boot! Once again... so many great projects! Everyone is really stepping it up and making it more and more difficult for me to pick projects each week! Unfortunately Mr. Woodsy is not picking any this week as he is pressed for time (trying to finish up the ever-long craft room project)! 

T-Shirt to Cowl Scarf from Simply Step Back
This is amazing! I'm going through my closet tonight to find at least one old t-shirt/sweater to use to make this project! Heck, if I find a few I know what my friends and family might be getting for Christmas this year (only kidding--maybe not though)! 

Dictionary [shoo]s from See Kate Sew
Ok, for all of my Mod Podge lovers out there... aren't these amazing? I have an old pair of flats that aren't looking too hot on the outside of and visually need to be retired... I see a revamp project in my near future! The best part is that this is her fourth pair of shoe's she has redone!

Nativity from Whimsical Creations
Melanie has knocked it out of the park again! This is so incredibly cute! She is so talented!!! **On a side note, Melanie entered 6 ornaments in the Better Homes and Gardens Ornament Contest! She has the cutest little package that made it through.  Please go and vote for her!

Roll-Up Tote Straps from Silly Precious Piggies
I have made tote bags before, but never with a cool roll up strap! 
I love it and need to try this method!!! :)

Time for a Little Elf from Sew Can Do
I think this is one of the cutest elf I have ever scene! I'm sure your child will hate you for this later, but in the meant time it's "sew" damn cute!!!

Steelers Birdhouse from Starryeyed
I've added a 6th project into the features today solely because I was born a Pittsburgh Steelers fan! I'm pretty sure when Mr. Woodsy asked my father for my hand in marriage my father made sure that he would be a devout Steelers fan for the life of our marriage! Mr. Woodsy has stayed true to that promise! ;) 

Thank you to all who linked up, and for those of you featured please make sure you grab your featured button and display it proudly!