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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Have you ever used a Paint Gun?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Preval for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever used a spray gun to paint with? We did when we first bought our home and painted our interior walls with it. To be honest it was quite a mess and had to cover anything and everything we didn't want paint to land on. I'm happy to tell you about a new product that won't require all the necessary prep-work that comes along with painting with a paint gun. This amazing new professional paint gun is ideal for crown moulding, boats, auto and drywall touch-ups and is perfect for the everyday DIYers. 

Preval's new, patent-pending vFan Portable airbrush System harnesses the same inventiveness behind the Preval Sprayer, but uses its own innovative, eco-friendly aerosol technology to deliver portable, professional-grade spray results at a fraction of the cost of other comparable spray systems.

The system includes multiple tip attachments, which can be swapped out to achieve a variety of spray effects. From fan spray patterns to hairline details, the vFan Airbrush delivers incredible atomized results. Perfect for the do-it-yourself crowd as well as for those making touch-ups in the automotive, marine and paint industries.

Here is an example of how Preval's new, patent-pending vFan Portable Airbrush System sprays.

I love how the sizes vary. Whether it be a thin line OR a thick wide space. This would come in handy for our upcoming crown molding projects!

The next time you work on a paint project keep Preval's new, patent-pending vFan Portable Airbrush System in mind!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Features from Last Week's Link Party

Thank you to everyone who linked up last week. I'm so happy to see that there are more and more amazing Halloween projects out there and of course the usual amazing non-Halloween projects. I'm happy to report that most of our Halloween bins are down and our garage officially looks like Halloween through up in it. I refuse to bring all the bins inside the house last year. I think that's where we went wrong and why are house felt like a disaster zone for 3 months! I'm slowly starting to decorate and work on projects. I have some pretty cool Halloween projects that will be featured on Ucreate, Dollar Store Crafts, A Brooklyn Limestone, and Blissful & Domestic all in the coming weeks! Along with my usual Bowdabra Blog contributions! 

I'm also excited to announce that our new blog design (and migration) is almost complete. Get ready for a brand new look and feel in the coming week. 

In the mean time here are our top 5 features from last week, and our Reader's Choice feature! If this is your first time being featured please grab a featured button, and display it proudly on your blog! 

Pillow Talk from Salvage Savvy
This pillow instantly caught my eye. I want to make a similar pillow for our master bedroom makeover project. I love the colors and the simplicity of it. It looks like it belongs in the Vera collection! Great job!

Potion Bottles from Polish The Stars
You guys know we are suckers for Halloween. I'm loving these potion bottles!!! I need to make (even) more this year... I see this technique in my future. What about you guys? Anyone making potion bottles. Please share with us! 

A Princess and Her Shoes from Crafty Mischief
How adorable are these shoes? Would you have guessed that the zebra pattern is duct tape? Yep, that's right... a patterned duct tape. AWESOME! I'm ready to go cover my own shoes! Stop by Brittany's blog and welcome her to blog land. She just started blogging last month and has some pretty cool projects! 

Ummm... how awesome are these pumpkins? I would have never of guessed these were the same cheap styrofoam pumpkins I saw the other week at the dollar store. For a few dollars you can have amazing pumpkins! Love it! 

A Furniture Redo from Lovely etc. 
I'm loving this furniture redo. This poor beat up cabinet looked like it had no chance... after some minor repairs and fresh coats of paint Carrie turned it into an amazing piece of furniture! Now the big question is do you like this with or without the detailed door? Head over to her blog and tell her your thoughts!

Reader's Choice: 

1st Halloween Printable from Simply Crafty
Simply Crafty Halloween Printable by Simply Crafty
I'm loving Kristie's first Halloween printable and so is the rest of the blogging world! I can see this printable replacing a photo and framed in our entry way or even using some mod podge and placing this on an inexpensive canvas. Thanks for making an awesome printable to share! 


Monday, September 19, 2011

{Featured} on Polly Want a Crafter

Guess who is on Polly Want a Crafter today? 

Me! Me! 

Cassity has featured my Strapless Yoga Dress and she also has a link party going on. So while your over their make sure you go link up your most recent craft projects!!! 

Guest Blogging today at Simply Kelly Designs

When my friend, Kelly, (a craft blogger friend in real life) asked me to do a guest post for her I couldn't refuse the opportunity! She has an awesome digital scrapbooking blog and gives amazing tutorials both in the written form and most recently video! I've always wanted to digitally scrapbook as in making my own layouts, but have never found the time or energy too. One of these day's Kelly is going to show me a thing or two, and I'm sure get me hooked! 

Although I've expressed my love for card making on my blog I've never actually written about my experience. Whether you have a die-cutting machine or not you can still achieve amazing home made cards for a fraction of the cost. 

If you like to make cards or have never made cards and want to know what it takes than I encourage you to visit Kelly's blog and read about my card making adventures. 


Friday, September 16, 2011

{Tutorial} Strapless Yoga Dress

I've done it again... do you remember the yoga skirt? Well yoga skirt can now meet yoga dress. It took me just about all summer to complete this dress. I had a few "hiccups" along the way. Like 2 major boo-boo's which caused me to not only have to re-cut out the skirt portion but also the top portion. I learned a lot once again, and am partly glad I messed up. I really like how the dress came out! Technically I had the dress completed before summer and since I live in Florida I still have a few more months that I can wear this gem!

Coordinating knit fabric for top and bottom *amount depends on your size
Sewing Machine, Tape Measure, Straight Pins, Seam Ripper, Scissor, and Chalk Line
*Knit Sewing Needle (trust me... your life will change after you invest in the set of needles)

I used the yoga skirt I made as a pattern for the "skirt" portion of the dress. On a flat surface, I laid out the knit fabric in half, so that when I'd trace the skirt I would have two pieces already cut out in the exact same shape. I laid my yoga skirt onto the knit fabric. *If you don't have a yoga skirt to trace measure from your hip to the length of where you would like the skirt to fall. Then to measure the band/top portion measure roughly 6inchesI then took my chalk pen and traced around the edge of the skirt. 

Before I cut the fabric I pinned around the chalk line ensuring that the two pieces would match perfectly. *You'll notice that originally this was supposed to be a full print dress. I made a boo-boo... like a BIG boo-boo! I (stupidly) cut the skirt with the  non-stretchy part horizontal. After I sewed up each side... i went to put the skirt portion on me and I felt like a stuffed sausage. There was no give in the fabrci. At that point I didn't have enough fabric left to just cut a new skirt portion, so I went back to JoAnn Fabrics where I prayed they would have more fabric (and they didn't). That's when I decided to use a matching solid blue.  

Next, you will want to cut out the band to form the tube of the top. I measured my bust (plus cheated and used part of the measurements from my yoga skirt).  *Remember, you will need two double sided pieces for the band (top portion). After cutting the first band I then traced around that band onto another portion of the fabric, pinned, and cut it out. 

Next you will want to sew the two top portion pieces together. *As pictured above. Apparently I measured on the large size... this top was swimming on me. That's when I decided to take it in... 

Here you'll see where I had both sets of stitching. I should have only taken it in half of what I did as pictured above. This time around it was way too tight! So I went back to the drawing board... and made another top... perfect on the first try! 

Once part "A" the skirt portion and part "B" the top portion were sewn on each side I then placed them together as picture above. You'll want to place the top band open seemed with the right side of the skirt. Does that make sense? 

Pin the two pieces together and sew it using a zig zag stitch. Be sure to sew close enough to the edge, and sew all 3 layers. 

Next, you'll want to make a tie for the dress. The dress looked very unfinished with the zig zag stitch that held the bottom and top together. To get the length of the tie I just measured around me until I had a desirable length (after being tied).

Sew the fabric into a tube. Then pull the fabric through so it's right-side facing out. Then finish off the ends. 

After I put my dress on I realized that my top was a smidge to long. 
Easy remedy... fold a portion of the dress down. 

I folded it about an inch. 

It will look like pictured above. *Downfall is that you will have unfinished side seems exposed... but who really looks under your arms any ways? 

You can see what I was talking about with the "unfinished" look between the top and the skirt. 

Once you add the tie this is what it will look like! 

One simple (if you don't have any sewing mishaps like me) summer/fall dress! lol. No pattern needed other than a skirt/dress you already own!  For those of you who live where its starting to get cooler you can pair it with a cardigan (which is what I do) and you don't even realize it's a strapless dress! 

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's Up Wednesday's {Link Party}

Thank you for everyone who participated last week. Although we were on vacation there was no need to spoil a good party, and the party went on without a hitch. While you  guys were partying we were scuba diving in Barbados. Hard to believe that it was just one week ago. I miss that beautiful island already. I'm hoping to share a few photo's from our trip. That is if Halloween doesn't take over the blog (which from the looks of our editorial calendar it's about to get "thick" with Halloween projects on Sew Woodsy! Yippeee!!!! 

Now, back to the party... We had some awesome projects, and I can't wait to see what projects this week has in store for us (I'm sure we will see even more Halloween projects)! 

Rules for the link party:
-We would like it if you followed us on the blog (whether it's through blogger or via email subscription) !
-PLEASE display our party button somewhere on your blog.
-Make sure your link is to your specific post and not your main URL & add a short description.
-Please try to view and/or follow at least two other participants. That's what makes link parties work! 
-You can enter as many craft projects as you'd like. (No recipes!)
-Entering into this party gives us the rights to blog about and feature your blog post. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Features from Last Week's Link Party

Mr. Woodsy and I had a wonderful vacation, but all good things must come to an end. We are back and (sort of) in full swing. Halloween is officially right around the corner, and although we've only been home for two days I'm itching to bring everything down from the attic. Hopefully by the end of the week we can get some bins down! Can't wait to share some awesome projects with everyone. In the mean time here are our top 5 features from last week, and our Reader's Choice feature! If this is your first time being featured please grab a featured button, and display it proudly on your blog! 

How amazing is this room? The color choices, furniture, and of course the floors. The room is amazing. It's a dream room. I not only love this room, but I'm also hoping that EVERYONE will go vote for Cassity & Roeshel over on Facebook.  They are two of ten bloggers taking part in 30 Days of HGTV Home. Best of all you'll have a chance to win free flooring each day for the entire month of September. 

Mini Polaroid Necklace from Polish The Stars
How freaking awesome is this!??!?! I'm ready to make one right this second. Actually I was ready to make one the minute I saw this project. It's awesome!!! 

OMG! If you have not been to Mimi's blog you MUST go see the before pictures of this chair. This chair revamp is amazing! 

How to Make a Pillow from Saved By Love Creations
 MonogramPillow51 300x300 Painted Pillow With Monogram Print Canvas
I love this pillow. Like LOVE LOVE this pillow.This has definitely inspired me to make more pillows for our master bedroom project. 

Rosette Necklace from Blissful and Domestic 
I've seen so many variations, but this one stands out! I absolutely LOVE the lace added to the back of this necklace. I made rosettes many moons ago, and have yet to make them into a necklace. It's still on my to do list! 

Reader's Choice: 

The No-Sew Fabric Pumpkin from Happy Hour Projects
How awesome is this pumpkin? I still can't get over how easy it is to make. Plus, if you have little ones that get into everything this is a perfect way to decorate!