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Heart Garland

Sew Woodsy: Heart Garland

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heart Garland

Last year after receiving my sewing machine I was starting to practice on paper and scraps of fabric. I had scene this idea on a blog (forgive me for not knowing which one), and instantly went to recreate it. This blogger though, cut there hearts by hand. Since I had also received a cricut for Christmas I choose a few pieces of scrap book paper, choose the size of my heart and began cutting quite a few (a good 15-20 minutes worth of) hearts. Once I was done cutting out my hearts I stacked them in the order in which I wanted them to hang... a pattern of sorts. I then began running each heart through my sewing machine. I made sure to keep a good 12 inches of thread on each end of the garland so that I could hang it. 
Depending on your length will depend on how many hearts you need to run through your machine. 

 Last year I hung this garland above my kitchen window and sliding glass doors. This year I decided to decorate my living room shelves {the closest thing I have to a mantel}. Now, I just need to have enough time and energy to finish making some more Valentine's crafts to fill these shelves! *Pictured is the Believe sign that Mr. Woodsy created before Christmas. I'm hoping to replace this with a Valentine's inspired sign! 

These are easy to store year after year. Just cut a piece of card stock. Cut a slit at the top with scissors place the thread in the slit and carefully start wrapping your hearts! 

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At January 26, 2011 at 9:37 AM , Blogger very merry vintage style said...

Very cute and simple. Really turned out nice!

At January 26, 2011 at 9:49 AM , Blogger Nikki ~ Let's Craft!! said...

Thanks for linking up!! I am so excited that you did this I want some!!

~ Nikki


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