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Sew Woodsy

Sew Woodsy: October 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Well our favorite time of year has come and is almost gone. All the little ghouls were cute and some dressed more for the club than trick or treating, but I can honestly say they all loved the tree's! I can't tell you how many parents had there kids lined up in front of our spooky trees

In the beginning of September I created a list of projects I wanted to recreate via the Grandin Road website. I did pretty good--making at least half the list (and the other half resides on the 2011 project list)! 

I re-created the Mummy Head on a Platter.
*my version

*Grandin Road version

*my version*

Grandin Road version

The mummy; although I never got to post about it (I'll post it next year)! 

I hope everyone had a blast following us through our Halloween crafting journey! I think we already have at least 5 blog post for next year of projects; I never had the time to post about! Until then... keep sending me Halloween ideas. Although Mr. Woodsy denies it we will be working on Halloween projects all year round getting ready for next year! :) 

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving!

Obviously, I've been posting way to much this week, but I still have so many cool Halloween projects to post about and need to get them all in by Sunday!!!

One of Mr. Woodsy's favorite things to do during the month of October is carve pumpkins. Typically he will carve anywhere from 3-5 pumpkins. But this year due to our extremely warm weather in the South he only had a chance to carve one pumpkin! I knew I wanted a small pumpkin for my skeleton pumpkin holder and I knew I wanted the skeleton cut out from the Pumpkin Carving Solutions Cricut Cartridge!

If you love to carve pumpkins, please go invest in a deluxe scraper scooper. We bought one after Halloween last year and Mr. Woodsy literally did one spin around our small pumpkin and he had ALL the guts out of the pumpkin. Never once had to pull the guts out with his hands... no mess or fuss! Super easy, clean, and convenient!

Mr. Woodsy had scene some black pumpkins that I sent him on the Martha Stewart site and he was determined to paint at least one pumpkin black! So he did... He used a basic black flat water based latex paint (like you would use to paint on the wall). He painted it evenly once and let it dry.

Once it was dry, he cut a hole at the top and scooped out the guts.

I cut out the skull and cross bones at around 4.5 inches and then we taped it onto the pumpkin. Mr. Woodsy traced the pattern, then began cutting. 

Here is the finished product!!!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Rustic Wood Coffin

I started talking to Mr. Woodsy in September about the possibilities of him building a coffin for our house (for Halloween of course)! He eagerly took on the project. I knew I wanted it rustic and very weathered looking. I think he did a great job achieving this (even if he did wait until last minute to build it)! 
Here are the plan's Mr. Woodsy drew up... 
nothing too elaborate, and he claims he didn't really follow them. 

Look at all the free wood! He pulled all this wood off old warned down pallets. It took a few hours of pulling out nails, but it was worth it in the end when this project costed $0! 

Cutting some wood! 

After I took this picture, Mr. Woodsy made me leave, and he did not allow me to document any more of his wood working project! Sorry, apparently he claims he can't divulge all of his secrets. But if you really want more information you can email us! 

Here is the finished product! A very rustic coffin! 

I added some moss, bugs, and creepy bloody fingers to the coffin!

A side view of our new creepy coffin!

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Friday Features & Giveaway Winner!

Wow, I can't believe it's already Friday! Thank you to all who participated in this week's Halloween inspired link party! We had 35 projects linked up this week. That's just one less of last week. Not bad for a themed link party!

The month of October has flown by and I am sad to see it go... in just a few day's I will have to pack up all my beloved Halloween decorations and costumes and impatiently wait another 11 months to do it all over again! I am so excited to giveaway some fake Spray Blood today. I wish I would have been able to give it out sooner and in time for you to use for Halloween, but I look forward to seeing everyone's spray blood projects next year (tear)!

Here are my top 5 favorite projects linked up in no particular order! Each person who is featured has won a bottle of spray blood. Please make sure you post your feature button on your page and email me your name and address so I can send out your spray blood!

Muse Lodge w/ Bloody-Mess
In case any of you don't remember I posted about this a few week's ago... I replicated this project, but in my own opinion not nearly as good as Muse Lodge did!!! 
Langes Fädchen, Faules Mädchen w/ Along Came a Spider (Wreath)

Love this wreath. I think I'll need to make this next year!!!

Dream Home DIY w/ Spider Sack Tutorial
LOVE these. I also made larva sacks, but a totally different way. I think I'll be recreating your version next year for another room in my house! Ahhh... I can't wait. 

Through My Looking Glass w/ Potion Jars
Love these! And love that you made the labels on sticker paper! I think I'll need to make some more jars next year! 

Whimsical Creations by Mealanie w/ You Capture - Orange
She hand created all of these pumpkin place card holders for a wedding! How amazing is that? 

Make sure you grab your feature button and display it proud, and return next Wednesday for another edition of "Whats Up Wednesdays" at Sew Woodsy.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spooky Tree's

Two week's ago Mr. Woodsy surprised me with two very large spooky tree's! They were damaged and had been used on a play set many years back. He decided he would restore them (i.e., repaint them), and put them in our front yard. I agree'd to let him take them home, but to be honest I had very little faith that they would come out like they were originally painted. He bought a few tester paints, and started painting away... too my surprise (and I think his, too) they came out AWESOME!!! Way better than either of us had ever dreamed! Who knew he was an artist? 

*testing paint colors. 

Mr Woodsy anchored the tree with a 2x4 in the ground, so that it wouldn't blow over. 

Mr. Woodsy went into the woods behind our house and picked up tons of moss and branches to fill the tree's with. *Free decorations--he's so resourceful! 

Adding some branches! 

A close up of the finished product! 

One of our spooky tree's in the "graveyard"! 

Look at the detail on the face! 

Love the way he put the moss around the bottom of the trunk! 

The front of our house! The other tree is on the other side of the drive way! 

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween {Heat-N-Bond} Shirt

Ever since I first experimented with heat-n-bond and my cutting with my cricut I knew I wanted to make my nephew a shirt... since Halloween is quickly approaching I made him a Halloween shirt to wear to school!

I purchased a toddler shirt (size 2-4) from Hobby Lobby for $2.50, used some remnant Halloween fabric, heat-n-bond, my cricut, and both the Happy Hauntings Cartridge & the Pumpkin Carving Solutions Cartridge! 

I followed my directions that I wrote up here for the heat-n-bond.

Here is the finished project, and a happy baby to boot! 

Modeling his shirt from his crafty Aunt! 

He was loving the spiders... he couldn't stop laughing at them! 

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Edition of Whats Up Wednesdays {Link Party} & Giveaway!

You all know what to do... it's that time of the week again when you can link up your latest and great Halloween craft projects you've been working on!  At first I did not have a giveaway for this link party, but I got this fabulous box in the mail today, and it contained all sorts of goodies from Simply Spray Fabric Paints! Most importantly, it ties into the Halloween theme for this week. I received a few cans of (fake) Spray Blood!!! 

I will pick the top 5 projects, and each of those entries will win a bottle of spray blood! 
You can enter in projects that you've already entered in before since the theme is HALLOWEEN craft projects! 

If your not familiar with (fake) Spray Blood I highly suggest you go visit there website! Here are a few great examples of what you can to do with Spray Blood. 

*Picture taken from Spray Blood website*
You can decorate your table scape with Spray Blood! 

*Picture taken from Spray Blood website*
You can use it to create gory costumes with a realistic "blood splatter" look! 

Don't fret if you don't win--you can purchase spray blood at most Halloween stores, Walgreens, Michael's, JoAnn Fabric, and AC Moore.

-Please make sure your following me (I'll follow you back as long as you leave me a comment telling me that your a new follower)!
-PLEASE display our party button either on your home page or on your post. 
-Make sure your link is to your specific post and not your main URL &  add a short description.
-Please try to view and/or follow at least two other participants. 
-You can enter as many craft projects as you'd like.
-You can link up past Halloween projects that you linked up last week since this is a specific theme! 
-No advertising please (that means etsy).
-Entering into this party gives me the rights to blog about and feature your blog post. 

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Halloween Printables Placed on Canvas!

As soon as Craftly Ever After posted these awesome free Halloween printable I knew I needed to incorporate them in my house! After I printed those 2 I then found this awesome "If The Broom Fits Ride It" free printable from Crafts & Sutch

Make sure you visit HERE and HERE to print yours out too! 

I took an 8 x 10 canvas, spray adhesive, and the print out. 
I cut the print out to fit the canvas, adhered it to the canvas, and voila! 

Super quick, inexpensive project that makes a nice impact ands great flair to your walls! 

I choose to hang all three above my kitchen window.
Like that creepy valance? Foam core and black spray paint! That's it!!! 

I already have plans for the "If The Broom Fits Ride It" sign for next year... 

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{Mini Tutorial} Creepy Critter Boxes

I got the idea for this project originally from Tatertots and Jello with her {Creepy} Halloween Specimen Art tutorial, and then I saw the awesome "Glitter Spider Art" made by Ameroonie Designs. I knew I needed to make a version of my own, and I wanted to make it interchangeable for the holidays. I'm thinking tree's and snowflakes for Christmas, hearts for Valentine's day, 3 leaf clovers for St. Patrick's day, and eggs & bunnies for Easter! That's why I used foam core as the backing, so that I can easily take them out and replace them with a new background or scene.. This project maybe took me 30 minutes at most, and added a nice touch to all my Halloween decor!

Supplies Needed:
2 t-shirt shadow boxes ($4 each at Michaels)
2 pieces of foam core
hot glue gun & glue
creepy critters

1. Measure out enough burlap to cover the front. You'll see I had to use 3 pieces to cover the white foam core. You will want to staple each piece to the foam core. 

2. Next you will want to arrange your creepy critters accordingly, and then hot glue them on to the burlap. 

3. Place the foam core in the shadow box *the creepy critters should touch the glass or come close to touching the glass. Seal up the box, add a picture frame hook if necessary, and hang them up! 

Here is the finished project! 
We placed them in between our bloody guest bathroom and laundry room! 
Next year I'll add aged labels to the glass frames that describes each of the creatures making it more like a "specimen" box than a creepy critter box! 

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Features & Giveaway Winner!

Wow, 35 participants in my first ever link party! Thank you all for linking up! I'm glad to see that many interested participants and will definitely keep this link party going! 

First off, let's announce the winner to the $35 CSN gift certificate. As I stated in my rules each linked entry counted as one entry into the giveaway. I've used Random.Org to help pick my winner and the winner is... 

Spooky Halloween Branches Tutorial from Through My Looking Glass
Congrats!!! Please send me an email so I can send the gift certificate code onto you! 

Ok, now on to the fun part... let's feature some of these amazing projects! I really tried to limit it to 5 projects, but its too hard to limit it to just 5, and honestly I wish I could feature ALL 35 projects, but let's face it that would be the longest blog post ever! Here are just a few of my favorites from this week's link party. 

Ghost from You Craft Me Up
We are hoping to construct this ghost tonight! 
I can't wait to post pictures on it!!!

Witch Spell Book from Through My Looking Glass
I can't get enough of this book! 
I've run out of time for this project, so it's already made it on my 2011 Halloween project list! 

Ok, and her Bubbling Cauldron, too! 

Skull Book Ends from Sawdust and Paper Scraps
These too are on my 2011 project list!!!

$DIY Witch Feet from Anngela's Pretty Little Things
I'm already thinking up away to make and use them next year! 

Haunting Halloween Candle Holders from Entertain Exchange
These are so awesome & creative! 
Trying to figure out where I would put these in my house!

DIY Halloween Mask from Life After the Aisle
Love these mask and what a creative way to make an inexpensive Halloween costume! 
I'll have to remember this for next year incase we want to do something similar!

For all of those featured please make sure you pick up a featured button and post it proudly on your blog! 

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