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Top 10 Craft Projects in 2010

Sew Woodsy: Top 10 Craft Projects in 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Craft Projects in 2010

Each year as the year ends we see a lot of countdowns... best of's per-say. I figured it would be a great way to end they year by doing the Top 10 Craft Projects in 2010 on Sew Woodsy. I based this on our "all time" pageviews and that's how I choose our top ten! Hope you enjoy and can't wait to spend a new year with such amazing followers! 

This was one of our first post on the blog and it had 546 views within the past year! This was our first project accepted by Craft Gawker, too!

Later on in the month of August we posted about this awesome and inexpensive revamp. 548 views and it's still a fan favorite! 

As most of you quickly learned Halloween is the "Woodsy's" favorite holiday of the year! This simple goodwill find revamp was a huge hit with 628 pageviews!

A $20 Halloween bathroom make-over proves that you really can transform anything! 639 views later... and I'm sure a few more bathrooms a bit creepier in 2010! We also made the top 10 on The CSI Project!

Crown Molding can be a pain to instal but it makes a world of a difference in any room! When you paint it black and give your guest bathroom a mini makeover you are sure to turn heads! 712 heads to be exact! 

$5 worth of plates from the goodwill, black spray paint, and some Halloween silhouettes cut out via the cricut made this project a big success! 790 views in total! 

After finding a super awesome and easy to use pattern online I sewed up this awesome little owl. Little did I realize we would gain almost a thousand hits {915 to be exact}! This cute little Halloween Owl  was featured on the Creative Itch and was also accepted by Craft Gawker.

Ahhh, probably one of my most favorite projects of the year! The Mummy Head on a Platter. After not wanting to spend $70 on Grandin Road I decided to recreate my own for about $20! In my opinion it came out even better and I even saw a few other recreations on the web after I posted about mine! This mummy head made the cut on The CSI Project & was also accepted by Craft Gawker {1,317 pageviews}!

With such a low cost project this got a lot of buzz including a shout out from the infamous Craft Gawker to boot! 15 comments and 1,431 pageviews later I'm happy I did this simple and easy magazine revamp/storage solution for my new craft room! 

and the number 1 project in 2010 {according to pageviews}...

A simple idea that came to mind made such a big impact! Was featured on Craft Gossip! 42 comments and 2, 320 pageviews! I am still blown away by the notoriety  these easy to make magnets got! 

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At December 31, 2010 at 8:39 PM , Blogger Monika Wright said...

checking out the magazine holders post did I miss that cute one?

At January 3, 2011 at 8:58 PM , Blogger trooppetrie said...

I am new to your blog and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the magazine cover idea

At May 6, 2011 at 8:24 AM , Anonymous trooppetrie said...

I am new to your blog and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the magazine cover idea


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