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HGTV Design Star {Episode 2} is on Tonight!

Sew Woodsy: HGTV Design Star {Episode 2} is on Tonight!

Monday, July 18, 2011

HGTV Design Star {Episode 2} is on Tonight!

(photo compliments of HGTV)
Does anyone love Design Star on HGTV as much as we do? At times we really think we could hang with the big dogs (especially on someone else's dime)! We were so excited to see that the show was being filmed in Brooklyn, New York. If you look at the picture above, Mr. Woodsy and I were just there two weeks ago over the Fourth of July, and we have pictures to prove it! . *We will be sharing our pictures from NYC soon! 

If you missed last weeks first episode, we'll give you a little recap. After the new design stars met each other they were given a 30-second camera challenge (something they will be doing each episode). After the camera challenge the finalist got into groups of 2 and chose at random a room to design in their new 3 story apartment that they will all be living at throughout the season. If you want to watch the full episode you can view it here on HGTV

(photo compliments of HGTV)
So, we'd love to know what was your favorite room from last week's episode, was? I (Mrs. Woodsy) was smitten for the "Great Room"! It was exactly what I aspire my house to look like one day! 

(photo compliments of the HGTV blog)
Of course Mr. Woodsy LOVED this "RELAX" sign, and is already dreaming up some cool new sign he can make for our home! 

What about your favorite designer, so far?
We're tossed between Cathy Hobbs (left) and Leslie Ezelle (right) and the fact that they worked together makes it even more difficult for us to choose! They both have strong personalities and impeccable taste! You can actually vote for your favorite fan on HGTV's website! We'd like to know who you like so far in the competition? 

I'm so excited for tonight's episode. It's going to be an interesting one! You can check out a preview of tonight's episode on HGTV. Remember to watch at 9pm/8central! 

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign by Crafterminds and HGTV Design Star. My opinions are my own.



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